Zinc Dust Industrial/Mining Grade

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Chemical Name: Zinc Dust

Industrial Name:Zinc Dust


Molecular Formula: Zn

Molecular Weight: 65.38

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Chemical Name: Zinc Dust

Industrial Name:Zinc Dust


Molecular Formula: Zn

Molecular Weight: 65.38

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Product Name

Zinc Dust



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Chemical Component

Total Zinc(%)                  ≥99.0
Metal Zinc(%)                  ≥97.0
Pb(%)                  ≤1.5




Acid Insolubles(%)


Particle Size Average Particle Size (μm)


Largest Grain Size(μm)


Residue On Sieve +500(Mesh)




Melting Paint(℃)


Boiling Point(℃)




Properties: Zinc Dust is a gray metallic powder with regular spherical crystal form, density of 7.14g/cm3, melting point of 419°C and boiling point of 907° is soluble in acid, alkali and ammonia, insoluble in water. With strong reducibility, it remains stable in dry air, but tends to agglomerate in moist air and generate basic zinc carbonate on the surface of the particles.

Features:Produced in special-designed metallurgical furnaces with advanced distillation.

  • Low oxidization and high purity with the content of total zinc more than 99% and metallic zinc more than 96%.Low content of harmful substances(especially lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and iron) which is less than 0.001%, high activity, corrosion­resistance, environmentally friendly.
  • Particles of regular spherical structure with smooth crystal surface and less particles of irregular botryoidal and square-shaped structure.

• Particle size of uniformity with ultrafine diameter, low apparent density of powders, high covering power efficiency, large specific surface area(SSA) and strong reducibility.

Packaging: Conventional packaging of zinc dust are packed in iron drums or PP bags , both lined with plasticfilm bags(NW 50kg per drum or PP bag ).Or packaging in flexible freight bags(NW 500/1 OOOKg per drum or PP bag).In addition, we can use a variety of packaging in accordance with client’s requirements.

Storage: It should be stored in dry and ventilative warehouse away from acid, alkali and inflammables. Be cautious of water and fire as well as packaging damage and spillage in storage and transportation. Zinc powder should be used up within three months from the date of manufacture; and resealed the unused product.



Zinc Dust for Zinc-rich Anti-corrosion Coatings

As a key raw material for zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings, zinc powder is widely used in the coating of large steel structures(such as steel construction, marine engineering facilities, bridges, pipelines) as well as ships, containers which are not suitable for hot-dipping and electroplating. Zinc Dust for zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings can be applied both in the production of zinc-rich epoxy-coatings, and the production of the waterborne zinc-rich coatings.Due to its good dispersivity, less deposition and non-flocculation,the waterborne zinc-rich coatings have a dense and smooth surface with thin lacquerfilm of uniformity, high covering power efficiency, strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance.


Zinc Dust for Chemical Industry

Zinc Dust products are used in the production of chemical products, such as rongalite, dye intermediate, plastic additives, sodium hydrosulfite and lithopone, mainly acting in catalysis, reduction process and hydrogen ions generation. For the benefit of clients in need of different performances of zinc powder in different applications, Zinc powder for chemical industry enjoys stable standard performance, moderate chemical reaction rate, high efficiency of chemical reactions, less residue, and low consumption of unit product.

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