Lead Oxide (PbO) Industral/Mining Grade

Short Description:

Yellow or light yellow powder, specific gravity 9.53, melting point 888 °C, boiling point 1470 °C, insoluble in water and ethanol, but soluble in nitric acid and acetic acid, toxic.

Uses: used in glass products, dye industry, production of TV glass shell, production of plastic stabilizer, plastic additives, ceramic color glaze, batteries, mineral processing, paint drier, preparation of lead salt industry.

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Application: in industries as plastic, glaze, optical glass and rubber etc.

Item Standard
PbO 99.3%min
Free Pb 0.1%max
Lead peroxide 0.05%max
Insoluble in nitric acid 0.1%max
Residue through 180 mesh screen 0.2%max
Moisture 0.2%max
Fe2O3 0.005%max
CuO 0.002%max

Products for special purpose at customers specification/requirement are available.
Package: in 25kg/50kg/1000kg plastic woven bags or at customers’ request.
Residue on 325 mesh sieve – 0.2% max or at customers’ request are available.
Loading: 20-25MT for 20′FCL normally.
Storage: in dry place and stored separately from acid and alkali.The device is widely used in various kind of pipes profile processing field, shipbuilding industry, network structure, steel, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.

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